There are mammoth events occurring in the World, including the Middle East, right now.
If you are tired of watching the big cable companies play the same “news” over and over with the same break times on the same subjects, then welcome aboard.
WHAT’s wrong with watching TV News? Nothing, I do it too, but…
Since cable TV News organizations are “for profit” companies, they do what they are created for …to make profit or go bust. With limited advertising money spent with hundreds of stations competing for their money and your time, “Newsspeak TV ” must adapt aggressive dramatic entertainment value to be  competitive and to reduce viewers boredom with sensationalism.  Ratings and  viewership is required to get  more advertising dollars to continue being in business. Advertisers don’t care much about content, but rather their target audience, so viewers buy their products & services. The truth is not important anymore…because entertainment value is paramount.
I don’t have advertisers and just want to post info to anyone who may be interested in a topic with a more in-depth perspective coming from other sources…like sometimes the Country the events occur in.  What motivates me is the passion to share what I see and view this as a public service. I don’t pretend to be “fair and balanced” or unbiased, because if we are honest with each other, we ALL have biases. I WILL present information as I see things based on my experience as a human being and my studies and observations. If that is not good enough for you, then now is the time to turn the channel.
If you’re  still here I hope you find something interesting, compelling and perhaps, eye-opening. No one expects you to agree with me on all subjects, but perhaps not to disagree on all the subjects, all the time either. If it promotes you to think and post or discuss with your friends, then I am satisfied.
If you’re still here, thank you. Remember if I post or add something, it does not mean I have to agree with it 100%.  Yes, and sometimes a post for a dramatic effect. “Hot topics” are on the table.
Dean Zelikovsky

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